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February 25, 2018

Late last year I had the awesome luck to win a brand refresh photo shoot with Nicole Barralet Photography.  It included hair and makeup, personal pics, some product pics and a short video about my business. The results have been amazing and I would do it again (and pay) in a heartbeat.

Why I wanted to do the shoot

I entered a competition a few hours after a minor surgery, so I was still pretty groggy.  If I am honest with myself I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise.  See I hate being in front of the camera. I avoid it at all costs but I figured I would get something half decent pics if a professional did them.  

Did I think I would win...NO but figured I had to be in it to win it and it was a small step towards getting out of my comfort zone.  The post-surgery drug haze helped with lowering the freaking out meter!

The video part of the offer drew me in, I try to do them often but don’t have the right set up to make them look profesh.  I need a little assistant to follow me...

October 3, 2017

We may have been a little quiet lately but there is a good reason.  I’ve been working hard on a new range of packaged confectionary goodies.  There has been months of recipe and flavour testing, packaging development and finding the right time to get it out there to you.

Now that is all done, I am pleased to share the results with you! For now the range includes brittles (both plain and choc coated), sweet rubbles (think crunchy flavour bombs) and chocolate blocks for sharing (or not). I think there is something for everyone, some classic flavours and a few contemporary, there is even something for the chilli lover.

As always I have new flavours in mind and a few more product varieties...always thinking! And yes it keeps me up at night!!


Our brittles are airy and a bit of a brittle/ honeycomb hybrid I guess. It means you get the toffee and crunch of brittle without breaking you teeth (your dentist will totally thank us)

Almond Chipotle

Toasted almonds with the smokey sweet and...

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Introducing exciting new confectionary products by Velvetier

October 3, 2017

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