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June 24, 2018

I have always been a bit of a mixed media artist.  Even back in high school art. I love to mix things together for texture and colour.  So I didn’t see why cookie decorating (or any sweet medium really) needed to be any different.

I often switch between royal icing, glaze and fondant depending on the finish I want, what the customer has requested or how things go together.  There have been times I have used all 3 - on the same cookie!

There have been times where TIME is the determining factor.  Those last minute orders that are needed in 2 days(in reality 33 hours away), packaged in cello bags - glaze definitely isn’t an options, royal icing would be pushing it, so fondant it is - just to be safe.

I have done similar designs in different mediums too. The results are different.  Why choose one over the other? Well, which one goes with the rest of the event? What suits your clients personality? You don’t have to totally redesign something to make it unique and personal - little changes...

June 17, 2018

The first few times I tried royal icing I failed miserably! I was determined to get it right, so I did a lot of research.  Watched endless videos, read blogs and experimented. Finally I got the consistency right and everything else fell into place.  I wish someone had told me that consistency is the key right from the start.

There are so many different techniques you can use with royal icing but if you dont have the right consistency they wont be right.


Whatever method you are using, (outline and flood consistencies, one consistency for everything, dipping) always start with the same base recipe, mix well (don’t over mix) and then colour and thin from there.  There is a chemical reaction that needs to happen in the right proportions before all the alterations can be made.

There are loads of videos about what each consistency should look like.


You want to get the surface dry sooner rather than later.  This allows you to keep decorating, add another layer, prevents co...

June 10, 2018

Fondant covered cookies - some people love them, some hate them.  They have their place in the world. Some techniques will only work with fondant. There are times when TIME is a factor and fondant is the only medium that will work.

Whether you love them or hate them there are some tips that will make a fondant covered cookie more successful.

Start with a firmer cookie

Fondant sets on the surface but doesn’t go hard like royal icing so will add a bit of softness to your finished product.  The moisture from the fondant also transfers to the cookie over time. To counteract this I start with a cookie that has been baked for a couple of minutes extra.

Don’t add water to the cookie

Adding water to a cooked cookie will make them soft.  If that’s the way you like them, then you can skip this part.  I like my cookie a little crispier so water is the enemy. So how do you attach the fondant to the cookie? Well I use water of course! But the water goes on the fondant not the cookie.  Water and fondant...

June 4, 2018

There are many different recipes and methods for sugar cookies.  Some recipes will give you a soft cookie, others a crispier cookie.  Some claim to be spread free straight out of the bowl and others need chilling.

I know you want me to give you a recipe here but I feel that would be doing you a dis-service.  I’ve tried recipes that claim to be fail-proof - guess what? They didn’t work for me. Everyone bakes a little different. Others I didn’t like the taste or texture of.  Try a couple of different recipes and see what works for you. Don’t despair though, I’ll tell you what I do to counteract some of those common pitfalls - you can apply this to almost any recipe. Keep in mind this is my way, it is not the only way.  It is what I find works for me based on lots of trial and error.

Keep in mind that the end result of a decorated cookie will be slightly different than what the cookie is like straight out of the oven.  Royal icing or fondant will add different texture and fla...

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