Introducing exciting new confectionary products by Velvetier

We may have been a little quiet lately but there is a good reason. I’ve been working hard on a new range of packaged confectionary goodies. There has been months of recipe and flavour testing, packaging development and finding the right time to get it out there to you.

Now that is all done, I am pleased to share the results with you! For now the range includes brittles (both plain and choc coated), sweet rubbles (think crunchy flavour bombs) and chocolate blocks for sharing (or not). I think there is something for everyone, some classic flavours and a few contemporary, there is even something for the chilli lover.

As always I have new flavours in mind and a few more product varieties...always thinking! And yes it keeps me up at night!!


Our brittles are airy and a bit of a brittle/ honeycomb hybrid I guess. It means you get the toffee and crunch of brittle without breaking you teeth (your dentist will totally thank us)

Almond Chipotle

Toasted almonds with the smokey sweet and spicy hum of chipotle.

Macadamia, Mango and Coconut

The classic Aussie combo in a brittle! Sweet, crunchy and toastie

Choc Peanut

Airy brittle full of peanuts and covered in Belgian couverture milk chocolate

Coffee Hazelnut Buttercrunch

Coffee infused butter toffee encased in Belgian couverture dark chocolate and roast hazelnut pieces.

Sweet Rubble

These are essentially chunks of yumminess that you can eat straight from the bag, on top of ice cream or make them an element of a dessert you are creating. Some are simple classics and others are a combination of flavours where every mouthful is a discovery.

Honeycomb Chunks

Lovingly crafted with Australian honey, this is sure to invoke childhood memories

Choc Coated Honeycomb Chunks

Those awesome honeycomb chunks we were just chatting about, covered in Belgian couverture milk chocolate

Raspberry, Almond and Streusel

White couverture chocolate coloured with tangy raspberry encasing crunchy biscuit pieces

Macadamia & Ginger

Toasted macadamias with Australian ginger held together with Belgian couverture milk chocolate

Mocha Crunch

Coffee, chocolate biscuit and toasted almonds combined with Belgian couverture dark chocolate

Chocolate Blocks

A block that is sized to share with a loved one or NOT! Crafted with Belgian couverture chocolate and quality inclusions for maximum flavour.

Raspberry Pop Rock

This fun combo of Belgian couverture milk chocolate and raspberry flavoured pop rocks will entertain the young or young at heart.

Turkish Delight and Pistachio

A classic combo of rose turkish delight and roasted pistachios on a block of Belgian couverture dark chocolate

Candied Orange

Choc orange is one of my personal favourites so of course I had to include a version. Mine is dark Belgian couverture with juicy candied orange


Our homemade honeycomb on a block of Belgian couverture milk chocolate

At the moment we are mid production for a big event (more news on that soon) but all of these goodies will be available in our online shop by the end of the month. Just in time for end of school and Christmas.

If you don't want to make sure you know where and when you can get your hands on these goodies, sign up to our newsletter here

Photographs by Nicole Barralet Photography

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