6 out of the box branded gifts that will win over your clients

There is no rule to say your branded corporate gifts have to include a logo. Different options suit different situations. I want to outline a few real life examples for you.

These Pantone colour swatch cookies were for a new colour range launch. Regular clients attended the launch which was held at the hosts showroom. The clients were talking about the cookies for months afterwards. Several asked if there would be more at the next colour launch. No logo was not an issue here. The fun nature of the product made it memorable.

Using your brand palette to colour seasonal gifts (eg Christmas, Easter etc) is a great way to stand out from the crowd. In this instance, logo ribbon or specific messages are used to further identify the creations which are personally delivered by a senior member of staff. The recipients have regularly mentioned that they look forward to seeing what the company will come up with each year.

Logo cookies are an extremely versatile branding tool. They promote brand awareness and are cost effective.

The examples here were used in a variety of ways

  • a grand opening

  • a media launch

  • a product launch for staff

  • a trade show

  • a goodie bag at a networking event

  • general brand awareness

The audience receiving them were a mix of journalists, the general public, potential clients, staff that would be promoting a product, bloggers and social media influencers.

The client that commission these stylish little morsels was a fashion brand launching a new spring collection. They wanted to reinforce the feminine feel of the new range and add a touch of luxury to the event. The favour boxes were presented to customers in store during the launch.

These quirky redhead nickname cookies were sent with press release to bloggers and social media influencers as part of a larger campaign. The idea was to get more people indirectly talking about the campaign. It worked! Instagrammers around the country posted pictures of themselves enjoying their cookies. Brand info and hashtags were included in the press release.

Some brands hold events that are charity or community based. In this case, it is about giving back rather than advertising their own brand. In these instances, rather than logos of the business, we utilise imagery and colours that invoke awareness of the cause.

As you can see there are as many different answers as there are brands. Each brand utilises their own style and colours to convey their story. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your options

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