How to delight your clients with branded sweet gifts

What can branded sweet treats do for you.

We all love a good gift. Your clients or potential clients are no different. Gift giving indicates you value the recipient. It helps to build and maintain relationships.

Imagine you have been shopping around for a particular product. Its a large investment and a couple of the companies offer similar products. You take all the info home to sleep on it. A day or so later you sit down to review the info and make a decision. One of the info packs includes a little something to nibble on while reading. Hmmm, yep I remember that sales person was pretty awesome and this product does what I want. Subconsciously it sways your decision.

Gifting after closing a deal cements the relationship and shows appreciation for their custom. When you feel good about a transaction you are more likely to recommend a product or service to friends.

It doesn’t matter where your clients are in their purchasing cycle, there is a benefit to gifting.

  • Keep your brand at the top of their mind

  • Increase awareness of your brand

  • Reinforce the look and feel of your brand

  • Thanking clients for their purchase

  • Make a regular client feel valued

  • Remind a life-time client of their value

Choose what feels like you and don’t be restricted by the “norms”

The traditional idea of branded gifts is for them to be covered in a logo. That is not always the best way to go. Like everything in life, one solution does not fit everyone. A more powerful message is one of brand consistency.

How to represent your brand in sweets

Think about your brand. What is the look and feel of your store or social media profiles? Those are the type of ideas you want to convert into edible art.

There are a few questions I usually ask when designing a branded gift. Some of them include

  • What colour or colours represent your brand?

  • What feelings do you want to evoke in your recipients?

  • If your brand was a flavour what would it be?

  • What are some words to describe your brand?

There are more questions I use to build a profile and then design but you get the idea.

Colours, flavours and packaging all contribute to your look and feel - so use them!

Logo vs no logo

The answer here depends on what you want to achieve and who your audience is. Sometimes a logo is the most appropriate answer, other times subtlety is key.

Check out my blog post for 6 real life example of branded sweets.

There are as many different answers as there are brands. Get in touch if you would like to discuss your options

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