How to make your wedding budget work for you - fabulous double duty bomboniere

Juggling that wedding budget is tough. If you are anything like me, you will keep seeing things that are "oh so pretty" and you have to consider if you can include them. My questions is..."why can't some of those things serve a dual purpose?"

A perfect example of a wedding something that could also be something else is the bomboniere or wedding favour! If you are looking for suggestions, check out the article I wrote recently about different options for favours

Have you considered combining your bomboniere or wedding favour with the place settings? Guests love those special little touches of things with their name on them. It's especially good if Uncle George or cousin Sandra is known for trying to stockpile a heap of goodies to take home. Options include cookies stamped with names, tags on packaging with individual names or little sign posts on mini desserts.

The next thing is the dessert buffet. Consider providing small boxes so people can take a selection of small things home with them rather than eating them at the end of a champaign filled night. Although, some may munch them in the cab on the way home.

If your package includes dessert, perhaps rather than cutting the cake and leaving it out with the coffee at the end of the night. Ask the venue to cut it and pop the slices straight into bags for the guests to take home. They could be distributed to each place setting, a platter in the centre of the table or put somewhere prominant to be collected on the way out.

If all else fails and you are struggling to fit everything into your budget - do what everyone wishes they were brave enough to do. Don't have wedding favours at all. Honestly, you are paying for someones whole night out already (possibly with the exception of a cash bar). You have let them in on your special day, entertained them, fed them and generally given them a great party. Why do you have to give them another gift? You don't.

I hear you asking..."but Saym, aren't you doing yourself out of business?" well yes and no. I would rather give you all the options and take some of the stress out of the process that suggest you give me more money. Ultimately I prefer you trust me and my advice - that is far more valuable in the long run.

Think outside the box when trying to budget. Rather than trying to save money on a heap of different things, invest where there is value and importance to you. In the process things will jump out and suggest they can do more than one job or you may be comfortable to leave it out.

Please get in touch if you would like to chat about your options

Saym xx

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