How to theme an amazing dessert table

Dessert tables are a fabulous way to treat your guests to a variety of desserts. Best of all they get to choose what they want - they will thank you for that. If you are like many people, you want it to all match or at least have a theme to represent you and your event.

There are many different ways to work towards a cohesive dessert table, You may want to start with one (or more) of the following

  • Colour

  • Named Theme

  • Feel


Colour as a theme is great. You can use it as a basis for all your desserts or you can use it to bring a random assortment together. The thing to consider with colour is, it can limit your flavour choices if you have your heart set on everything being the same.

The red and silver selection below is a statement. It is obvious what their theme is and it took precedence over everything else. The flavours were chosen to suit. The second mix of desserts was selected by flavour first and brought together with silver accents.

When choosing a colour theme don't worry too much about it all matching exactly. Instead go for a range of shades or tones within a colour. This will make the whole process easier and less stressful. If you want your vendors to get close to a particular colour or its a colour that people describe in a manner of ways consider using colour swatches so everyone is on the same page.

An excellent example of "versions of the same colour" is this gorgeous dessert table by Perfectly Sweet for her own birthday. In gathering elements from various vendors it was inevitable that there would be different shades of pink. They all go together and it adds some depth to the colour colour palette.

Named Theme

This is possibly the easiest place to start. In many instances there are endless places to find inspiration. If there is a variety within the theme you choose, look for the style that appeals to you.

An example is "tropical". There are two very different tropical dessert buffets below. The first is bright and fun, the second is moody and sophisticated. Which one to choose? Well that depends on you, your style and the event

Take care to tailor the theme to you and your event rather than recreating someone else's. Look for inspiration everywhere, not just parties online.


You may want to start with a word or overall feel. For example rustic, graffiti, moody, light and bright. The list is endless.

This does overlap with named themes a bit, depending on how you categorise things but that is ok. This isn't about naming or putting something in a box, it is about finding your inspiration and a place to start

The first started as a rustic theme. This was then expanded to include the colour palette of cream, brown and red. The second came from the name of the birthday girl "Rose", this lead to roses as an element and shaded of pink for the colour palette

Next Steps

Once you have a starting point for your theme, the next step is to flesh out the details. Nail down the colours you want to use and design elements you want to repeat throughout.

Then you will need to work out how much to cater. That is a whole other question...but because I knew you would ask I have created an e-book that will step you through it. You can get it for free here.

The final step is to choose the desserts and flavours but if you are anything like me, you have favourites and you already know what you want!

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