Make fabulous fondant covered cookies every time

Fondant covered cookies - some people love them, some hate them. They have their place in the world. Some techniques will only work with fondant. There are times when TIME is a factor and fondant is the only medium that will work.

Whether you love them or hate them there are some tips that will make a fondant covered cookie more successful.

Start with a firmer cookie

Fondant sets on the surface but doesn’t go hard like royal icing so will add a bit of softness to your finished product. The moisture from the fondant also transfers to the cookie over time. To counteract this I start with a cookie that has been baked for a couple of minutes extra.

Don’t add water to the cookie

Adding water to a cooked cookie will make them soft. If that’s the way you like them, then you can skip this part. I like my cookie a little crispier so water is the enemy. So how do you attach the fondant to the cookie? Well I use water of course! But the water goes on the fondant not the cookie. Water and fondant create a sticky glue which will then adhere to the cookie. You don’t need much water - or you will get a sticky mess.

You can use things like piping gel, but who needs an extra product when water works just fine. The reaction between the water and fondant creates a similar stickiness as the gel would.

Smooth cookie with a fondant smoother

Invariably there will be times when cookies come out of the oven with a little bit of an uneven surface. This is the enemy of a flat smooth fondant finish. My solution is to use a fondant smoother to give them a gentle rub and flatten those bubbles out. If you press too hard you can compress the cookie a little. If you like you cookies light and fluffy you can still use the smoother, just don’t add downward pressure, rub very gently across the surface.

I don’t use this particular smoother for anything else as it gets a little greasy and no matter how much you wash plastic in hot soapy water it is never quite the same. And really who wants to be constantly doing that and then worrying about residue - so no fondant work for this smoother EVER. Mine is a cheap one and lives with my cookie rolling pin.

Smooth fondant with flexible smoother

I use a flexible smoother for the fondant on top of the cookie. I find it gives better control an overall better finish. If you need to manipulate the edges to get the fondant to fit the cookie better a flexible smoother gives you more control over small areas.

These suggestions all work for me and have been the result of trial and error over a long period of time. Hopefully they will help you too. Like I say though, everyone bakes a little differently and preferences for the type of end product also varies - so not everything I suggest will work for you. If you are having similar issues, give it a go, if it doesn’t work, think about if you can tweak it a bit. Find something that works for you.

Happy baking xx

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