Share the love on your day with these beautiful wedding favour ideas

Whether it is you or a friend getting married, finding the right wedding favour for the guests can be a challenge. There are so many options available.

I tell all my brides, couples, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or who ever is organising the favours - find something simple that resonates with the couple. Essentially the wedding favour or bomboniere is another extension of the wedding. Here are a heap of examples of what you can do. Some are traditional(ish) and some are a bit more out of the box. The most important thing to remember is...they are all customisable in a variety of ways.

Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate (ok yes there may be one or two people who don't but we can't please everyone).

Custom chocolates or bonbons are magical because they can be almost any colour AND flavour! You can have just chocolate or pair with cookies for even more versatility. Have a look at our chocolate gallery to see more colour options

This next group is a modern take on wedding chocolate. These all contain edible flowers, creating a beautiful and elegant gift your guests will talk about for a long time. An alternative (or addition) to the edible flowers is freeze dried fruit, nuts, coloured chocolate, sparkles...really the list is endless.

Yes we are still on chocolate. This time in bar form. These elegant morsels contain a pop of flavour.

Ok, we are almost at the end of the chocolate. I have saved some of our most popular items for last. Rocky road and sweet rubble (nut clusters). Our rocky road is a little different. It contains real fruit marshmallow and chunks of freeze dried fruit. There is a nut free version that still has a crunchy element of toffee. The sweet rubble is also versatile (although not nut free). The ones pictured here are like little gold nuggets.

Don't want chocolate? There are options for that too! Try some delicious cookies. Sugar cookies decorated in a way that is special to you eg with your initials. Or maybe shortbread squares that come in a range of flavours. Perhaps get some marshmallow sandwiched between them for the ultimate mouthful. Want something else? How about biscotti? Traditional and crunchy, with or without chocolate.

As you can see are a heap of options, combinations and flavours. Pop over to our Weddings gallery to see more. If you would like to chat about what might work for you please get in touch

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