What do I call these delightful desserts in little cups?

Those desserts in the cup things, what are they called….so many names come to mind. Technically they are called verrines which means….a small glass, jar, bowl, acrylic tube (you get the idea) containing layers of food. The see through nature of glass or bowl serves to highlight the layers, textures and colours. "Food" can mean sweet or savoury, entree, main or dessert.

We aren’t so concerned about the entree or main course one so let’s concentrate on desserts. Other names i've heard are dessert cups, dessert shots, dessert glasses, mousse cups,

Whatever you want to call them, they are incredibly versatile. They can be

layered with multiple elements or a single yummy dessert.

They come in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples.

The flavour combinations are endless and can cater to any taste. I find verrines are best with just 2 or 3 complimentary flavours. That does not mean they need to be boring. Varying the textures within those flavours can make every single mouthful a delight. Something as simple as adding a chunky crunchy base to a cheesecake totally changes how it feels in the mouth. Combine tangy fruit with creamy chocolate for pops of flavour. The options are endless!

As you can see from the images above, the versatitly doesn't stop at flavours. They can be coloured to match a theme or decorated with simple elegance or graphic artistic colour. Add some edible flowers for a floral romantic feel, or decorated chocolate for an art deco flare.

The best thing about verrines - they are small, meaning you can have more than one! No more having to choose a single dessert or flavour option. You know what I mean? When you are sitting at a restaurant or event and you only get one dessert! No more!! Now you can choose more than one, or your guests can. Believe me, they will thank you.

So it doesn't matter what you call them - verrine, dessert cup, dessert shot, mousse cup - they are awesome, the options are numerous, they are totally customisable and your guests will love them.

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